digital marketing

The term digital marketing became very popular among companies lately. The definition is that digital marketing is a kind of marketing conducted primary in the digital space. This is the newly developed marketing, which is establishing because of the development of digital technologies. In other words it is the way people and companies inform about their services/products in a digital format.

There are multiple articles online what explain in detail what digital marketing is, its history and the types of digital marketing there are. So we won’t go into further detail. We will just give you a few examples.


  • A user searches for a product on a e-commerce web site.
  • A blogger publishes an article, picture or video on his blog.
  • The bank sends you an email about the new loan they offer.
  • The local supermarket sends you a text with a promotional product they have.
  • The fitness mobile app you have on your phone sends you a notification for protein bar discount.