как се създава бизнес страница в Google+

If you do not know how to create a business page in Google+, read the next few lines.

Creating a Google+ Business Page sound like something that is supposed to be easy. In fact, if a person if doing this for the first time, he/she might find it a little bit tricky. Here is why.

1.You should have e mail.google.com email to create a page.

Quite famous fact even with other platforms. The page is created by a certain email. So if you want to create a page you should log into your google email or create an email specifically for your new business.

2.The business should have an address.

Surprisingly, this is necessary to have in order to create a Google+ Business Page, since most other platforms do not require it. For most businesses it is not a problem. But for new businesses who are mobile or do not have and office yet, this could be and inconvenience, because the address you point out in the first place, will be your marker on Google Maps.

N.B. When typing in your address, if the marker does not point at the right location, mark the right location by clicking with the mouse. Sometimes Google Maps makes address mistakes and this will ensure that you have been marked at the right place.

3.You receive and activation code

In a few weeks of your registration you should receive a code which will activate and confirm the real existence of the company on this address. Only after you type it in, you will be officially listed. The time needed for the code to arrive may depend on the location of your company. 

While you wait for the code, you can list all your company information. Type in the company name, main activity, working hours and web site address. But this information will be public only after the code activation.

Verification is available over the phone, but this option is limited and not available for every business. If you have more than 10 offices, which you have already listed in Google+, your next office can be more easy to verify. Google+ offer immediate verification, if you add and verify the web site through webmaster tool. Here is a useful link: