Google search commands

You may have heard that there are specific Google search commands. We present a list of some of the basic ones, that will help you be better in your research.

1. Plus – +

Shows the Google+ page of the keyword you are searching for.

Example: +Evinat – is going to show you the Google+ page of Evinat

2. Quotation marks – “ ”

Searches a phrase that follows the word sequence you have given inside the quotation marks.

Example: “What is SSL and why is it important to your web site” – will show you an article in Evinat with the same title.

3. Search on a specific web site – site:

Searches for a word or phrase on a specific web site.

Example: site: evinat password – will show all articles in evinat that contain the word “password”.

4. At symbol – @

Searches the word/phrase in social networks.

Example: @еvinat – shows the Twitter, Facebook и LinkedIn pages of Evinat

5. Asterix – *

It is used as a placeholder, e.g. when you don’t know or remember a given word or phrase.

Example: optimisation for * – shows results with search engine optimization.