8 reasons to have a mailing list

It is almost mandatory to have a “Sign for our bulletin” option on your website. But just to make people sign in not enough. You should regularly send those people email messages with your new products/services, with the news around you or promotional campaigns you are currently having. We give you 8 reasons to do so.

You remind of yourself regularly

If you have big competition and you are not in first place in your sphere, you will need to remind the customers about your existence. Due to the constant information flow that surrounds us, we often forget things we have encountered just once. When you remind of yourself constantly, there is a possibility that your customers will think of you more often when they need your products or services.

The recipients have agreed to get information from you

Nobody likes SPAM. This is why unsolicited commercial messages are forbiden by law. But if someone signs up for your bulletin, this mean that not only they agree to receive emails from you, but are also willing.

You are in control of which products/services to popularise the most

Good sales teams know that when you have a variety of products customers can lose themselves and leave unsatisfied. So they make campaigns. These campaigns focus on given product or a group of selected products which helps the customers to find the best deals or products. These selected products can be your focus point in your next mass email.

You receive more site visits after each email campaign

The curiosity of the user plays in your favour in this case. By sending an email message you hint on what users could find on your web site. You execute this by giving a short description and link to the pages of these products on your web site. If you manage to create interesting campaigns the users click on these links and make more visits to your web site. This leads to higher ranking of your site.

Recipients know instantly what is happening with you

With mobile internet and smartphone we have the opportunity to receive email messages instantly. Your greatest fans, who want to receive updates from you via email, should be the first ones to know what’s new. Receiving this kind of messages makes them feel special and informed.

The presence of big mailing list ensures you, in case you lose your Google ranking

Due to the fact that Google are constantly changing their search algorithm, nobody can be sure what raking are they going to have in the future. So instead of just relying on organic positions on search engine, build a mailing list. Even if you lose your ranking, you will still be able to reach your target group.

There is a better chance that the recipients see your message in their email, rather than on social media

Social medias started to cram with low-quality posts. We ofter miss high quality posts, because it this. But almost everyone checks their email. There is a chance that your message will go to the SPAM folder of the recipient, but some people even check their SPAM folder to see wether they have missed on something important. Even in the SPAM folder, there is a greater chance your message would be seen, than on social media.

Your sales are increasing

All of the above could lead to increasing your sales. Everything you do from the things mentioned leads to this, which is the main goal of every business.