Keyboard shortcuts (second level)

We give you a few keyboard shortcuts, that require just the use of keyboard. They will not only save you time reaching for the mouse, but will also make you look like a good computer specialist. The shortcuts are different for the different operating systems. We give you some for Windows and Mac OS X.

Windows key   => opens or closes the Start menu

Windows key   + D => Shows the desktop

Windows key   + E => Opens “Computer”

Windows key   + F => Open a window to search a file or folder

Hold on Windows key   + Press Tab a few times => Flips through open application with the help or Aro Flip 3D.

Windows key   + arrow down =>Removes current app from screen or minimizes the desktop window

Windows key  + arrow up =>Maximizes the window

Cmd + F => Open a window to search file or folder

Cmd + G => Finds the next element of your previous seach (used after Cmd+F)

Cmd + M =>Minimizes the opened window

Cmd + N => Opens new file or window

Cmd + O => Opens the current document

Cmd + P => Prints the current document

Cmd + Q => Closes the current application