Speed up your web site with Google Page Speed?

One of the fine tools, that Google offer is Page Speed Insights, which help to speed up your web site.

The steps are the following:

  1. You go to the address of the the tool.
  2. You type in the address of your web site or the site that you want to speed up.
  3. In just a few second the Google tool makes a test on this web site.
  4. After successfully completing the test, the tool shows results in the form of recommendations.
  5. Follow the recommendation and you will increase the speed of your web site.

More about the tool

The tool is available in multiple languages. It works with any real existing site with a domain, so you can try it yourself. The terms you see can be scary for a non-technical person, but at least seeing the colors and point you can see whether you need change or optimization.

Take into consideration that the result is on the scale of 0 to 100, 0 being the worst and 100 being the perfect score. You will also see two tabs. One is for the mobile devices and the other is for desktop computers. If you do not have a mobile version of your site (the so-called responsive design), it is highly likely that you have a bad result in the “mobile devices” tab.

There are three colors – green, orange and red. As with most cases, green means, that the following indication has a good score. Orange means that it is necessary to consider a change. Red means it is absolutely necessary to fix the following indication. You should not have red indications for your web site.

Have in mind that you would hardly reach the absolute 100, especially if you have a site with dynamic content with lots of new pictures and videos. Sometimes the design of theme are structured in a way that does not allow to fix some of the issues. For many of the fixes you are going to need extra professional help, since many of the things can’t be fixed from the administrative panel.

Your optimal goal should be to reach the green sector of speed. If your competitors are in the red sector, you can temporarily be satisfied to jump to the orange sector. But make sure sooner or later to jump to the green sector.

If you need professional help to speed up your site or more information about the matter – contact us.