Web site support – what is it?

Web site support can vary depending on who is doing the support, but there are several activities that are usually included.

Web site content update

You have a small online shop or and informative web site. You don’t have the time to do it yourself, but you don’t want to hire a person to maintain your content, because there aren’t many changes in a month. In this case, you can pay for support, that includes content update. You send the support company your content (products, images, text, descriptions etc.) and the company uploads them in the time you specified in the contract.


You have and idea that needs to be polishes, but you still want an up and running web site. When you make constant changes to your web site, you need refactoring in your web site support contract. This type of support is based mainly on constant communication between you and the company that provides the support.

Adding extra security

With some business institutions, security is vital. This is the case with financial institutions and businesses that handle sensible information. If you own this type of business, you are going to need extra layers of security. This type of support offers a set of security measures, which are constantly being perfected.

Full functioning monitoring

This is a standard activity for most support contracts. The company could monitor whether your web site is working properly in all of its modules.

File and database back-up

As you know web sites are created from multiple files, which are stored on a server. We advise you to back-up these files and your database frequently in case something happens to them. If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can ask your supporting company to do it for you. Examples for the need of back-ups could be someone hacking your website and changing the content or you can miss the date to renew your hosting services and the hosting deletes your files.

Domain and hosting services

Every web site needs a domain (like www.evinat.com) and a hosting (physical place, where you store the files of your web site). Hosting companies offer these services as annual subscriptions. This means that to keep your site throughout the years, you will need to pay for domain and hosting annually.

Types of web site support

We can divide web site support into 3 types – random, periodic or mixed. The random support happens once when the customer needs something. Periodic web site support could be monthly or weekly. Here the company performs automatic or semi-automatic processes which are listed in your contract, without the need of you sending them any information. Mixed web site support combines the random and periodic web site support. There are processes going on to ensure your web site is running properly. But there is also the option for you to send assignments to make changes to the web site.

Have in mind that periodic support guarantees that you will be a priority to the company, since you are bound by a running contract. With random support, you are not bound with contract and the supporting company dictates the rules.

The price for web site support depends on the types of activities, the time and the price competition among similar companies. Big platforms, which are under constant attacks from hackers, with lots of files and a large database, will pay a lot more. Simple business web sites with just informative pages will pay less.

If you need web site support – contact us.