What is a favicon and why do you need it on your web site?

Favicon is an image, what is associated with a given web site. It often is a part of the logo. Оr it is the entire logo of the person or company, whom the website belong to. It is uploaded by the web developer that creates the web site. The favicon is pasted in the “head” of the site (between the tags <head> and </head>). Opening a given web site, e.g. www.evinat.com, the favicon appears in the tab of the browser left of the title.

The reasons to place a favicon on your web site are mainly 2:

  1. If your favicon is good, e.g. is connected to the concept and design of your website and primary with your logo, then it will remind the user through visual stimulus on which tab exactly your site is. That way if the user has opened multiple tabs and is not on your site, it will be easier to guide him towards your site.
  2. The favicon helps for a better search engine optimization. Its role is not as defining as having a unique content and the number of user visits. But it is still a step to a better-looking web site. To this we can add that the web site looks more professional with a favicon and all the big web sites have placed a favicon.

The format needed for the proper reading of the favicon from the browser is .ico. It is not the standard formats such as .png, .jpeg, .bmp etc. There are multiple sites that offer to convert images from standard image formats to an .ico format. But if you struggle with the task of doing this by yourself you can ask your web developer to do it instead of you.