Increase your website visits

For better search engine optimisation and for higher online sales, you should think about how to increase your website visits. There are many ways to make visitors go to your website. Here are some of them.

1. Posting link to your website on your social media pages

This is one of the most used approaches, since it is free and sometimes very effective. For example if your company releases a new product post links about it on social media. These links should lead to content on your website about your new product. So instead adding an image with description of social media and maintaining the same content several times, just lead your customers to the same primary content on your website.

There are specific time frames when it is optimal to post something, but they depend on your timezone and target group. So do your research when creating your next marketing campaign. The important things is to make your posts appealing. The more people like and share your post, the more people will see it and the more visits you will get.

2. Maintaining a blog on your website

Maintaining a blog on your website is tightly connected with the previous point. When you create new content, it is not only good for your ranking, but also posting articles on social media creates an opportunity to engage your target group. Keep in mind that the content of your blog should be connected to your company’s activity. Read more about the reasons to have a unique content on your website.

3. Online advertisement – redirecting from external websites

You could create a strategy where external websites redirect to your website. It could be search engine marketing, or social media marketing, or you can just contact websites with the same target audience as you and ask them to promote your company of their website. Whichever option you choose, make sure to create your campaign in a way that you target not just number of people, but the right people. Because the increase of visits won’t lead to more sales, unless these visits are from your target audience. For example if you sell expensive high quality watches, you should not post on DIY sites. You should post on lifestyle blogs or online magazine websites.

4. Good search engine optimisation

The more visits you have on your website, the more popular you become for search engines and the better ranking you get. And the better ranking you have, the more visits on your website you get. It is a closed circle. Of coarse there are other things important for your ranking. Read more about what is SEO.

5. You could pay for website visits

There are companies that offer thousand visits for a very modest pay. And they do deliver them. But there are a few things to ask ourselves about this method.

  • Will this traffic generate any profit/new customers? – You don’t know who the people are and whether they are there just to click.
  • Where is this traffic coming from? – You don’t know where this traffic comes from and whether it belongs to your target group.
  • Will this traffic increase or decrease my search engine ranking? – Since ranking is private, you can’t know whether this traffic is considered good or SPAM traffic. So you can’t be sure if it will help or create damages to your ranking.