Cyber phishing

Cyber phishing is a neologism of the word fishing. We use it to describe this type of attack because it…

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what ssl certificate

SSL certificate – definition and why is it important?

SSL is an acronym of Secure Socket Layer. This is a protocol, which provides a secure connection between a server (where…

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Domain name importance

The importance of your site’s domain name

Is your site’s domain name important? To short answer is – yes. Here is the long one. The domain should…

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what is brute force attack protect

What is brute force attack and how to protect yourself?

Brute force attack is a method of gaining almost every kind of secret digital information. It is based on a…

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secure password

Secure password – what is it?

You may be thinking that you use a very safe password, but read the following posst and make sure you…

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колко струва изработката на уеб сайт

How much does a web site cost?

We often get asked “How much does a web site cost?” or “How long do you need to build a…

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digital marketing

Digital marketing – definition

The term digital marketing became very popular among companies lately. The definition is that digital marketing is a kind of…

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what is seo

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to know more about what SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is, read the following post. SEO is…

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internet frauds

Internet frauds examples

With the invention of every new and useful technology, mischief goes along. This happens in the internet space as well…

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keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (beginner level)

We give you a few keyboard shortcuts, that require just the use of keyboard. They will not only save you…

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