Good case practices when creating a business web site

As customers you need to familiarise yourselves with the good case practices for web site development and how specifically you…

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functional specification template

Functional specification template for personalised web application

General guidelines: This document is a sample functional specification for personalised web application. You as the customer with the idea –…

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functional specification

What is a functional specification and when do you need it?

Functional specification in software development is a document used to fully describe the behaviour and design of the functionalities of…

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social engineering

What is social engineering?

In the context of information technology the term social engineering is defined as a psychological manipulation of people with the…

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What is favicon and why do you need it on your web site?

Favicon is an image, what is associated with a given web site. It often is a part of the logo….

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online presense

Your online presence

How often do you post on social media? How often do you share embarrassing moments? Have you thought that once…

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The difference between hack and bug on your web site

Both terms – hack and bug notify about an issue on the web site. But we are going to explain…

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What to prepare for web site

What to prepare when ordering a web site development?

In order to receive the best offer possible from the web development company it is essential to prepare the following…

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types of web sites

Types of web sites you can have

You are a businessman and an entrepreneur. You work on an exciting new idea and want to share it with…

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pdf format

When to send documents in .pdf format?

If you send your CV to your future employers in the formats *.doc, *txt, *rtf or other editable format, do…

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