Сайт покана сватба

How to create a wedding invitation web site?

The tendency to create a wedding invitation web site grows. Here are some tips on how to make one for…

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Причини да събирате имейл листа

8 reasons to have a mailing list

It is almost mandatory to have a “Sign for our bulletin” option on your website. But just to make people…

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keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (second level)

We give you a few keyboard shortcuts, that require just the use of keyboard. They will not only save you…

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подобряване на скоростта на сайта

Speed up your web site with Google Page Speed?

One of the fine tools, that Google offer is Page Speed Insights, which help to speed up your web site. The…

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web site support

Web site support – what is it?

Web site support can vary depending on who is doing the support, but there are several activities that are usually…

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what is captcha

What is captcha and when to use it?

CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. As you can guess captcha is a…

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how increase web site traffic

Increase your web site visits

For better search engine optimisation and for higher online sales, you should think about how to increase your web site…

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сигурност при онлайн любовта

Security with online love

Online comminication makes us closer and chances for online relationship are become higher. But this raises security risk issues. We…

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google search commands

Google search commands

You may have heard that there are specific commands for searching in Google. We represent a list of some of…

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reasons to have unique content web site

Reasons to have a unique content on your web site

There are several reasons to have a unique content of your web site. But before we explain them, lets give…

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